The ART Project used to just be an idea…now it’s a movement…and this movement began when I reached out to some of my close artist friends from around the state. What I came up with is a collective of approximately fifteen local, statewide and national artists, who are wiing to lend their time and talents to help revitalize downtown La Junta area on the first and second of October, 2022.

On those dates,, the ART Projecr will take place in the alleyway between third and fourth street, and between Colorado Avenue and Santa Fe Avenue. This is known as the “main” alleyway in town or, the “heart” of La Junta

This project has been an idea of mine for some time now, and youmay be asking tourself, well then why now? Well. there are many reason to celebrate and have a festival, but the main reason,.the main reason…..that’s easy..
I’m sure as everyone knows,, I’ve had some health issues just recently rhat put a halt to everything in my life,, especially my art. I needed hwlp, lots of help….and when I needed it the most, this community stepped up and helped me tackle the battles I was facing and about to endure. And for that reason.. I want to give back to this community. I want to give back to this community the best way I know how ART. Hence, The ART Project:

Artists Renewing the Town.

For too long, this area has has been deprived of one of its most valuable rwsources…it’s Artists! Only lately have people realized the potential that Artists have to make a difference in the community. I want us to be the difference. I want us to be the ones who bring some life and conversation back to the people and places of La Junta, Colorado.

With the help of the community and the city of La Junta, I believe we can make this project a success for everyone…I’d really like it to continue to expand and shower other neighborhoods, communities and cities with our talents.